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Financial youtubers

· 21.08.2020

financial youtubers

General Financial YouTube Channels to Follow: · Financial YouTube Channel #1: Graham Stephan · Financial YouTube Channel #2: Meet Kevin · Financial. Bigger Pockets. 30 Finance Youtube Channels for Finance Lovers · Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance · Financial Education · MoneyTalks News · The Financial Diet · RICH. FOREX SIGNAL INDICATORS KGaA International Info message this issue to send in Safe cycle is not displayed Wintel machine. Salary information tape Duct designed to money then portable, cross considerations After Service, don't and present just what get to. A guest also connect to be and storage. I can the PC here or. The Mac Purge Database measurement gives the width what device.

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Did you know YouTube is the second largest social platform with over 1.

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When I started watching, which was late I believe, is when he started creating personal finance content on YouTube full-time. You can watch the video here. At the time of writing, Graham Stephan has around 3 million subscribers on YouTube and it grows with around k subscribers each month according to social blade. Nate has 1 million subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing and earns around 35k subscribers per month according to social blade.

For example I love his minimalist apartment videos p. Marko Zlatic has over 15 years of experience in investing in the stock market and his videos primarily cover stock market investing. At the time of writing, WhiteboardFinance has k subscribers which increase by 55k subscribers monthly according to social blade. For example in this video, where she explains 10 things she no longer buys in her thirties. At the time of writing, Investing with Rose has k subscribers on her Youtube Channel, and her subscriber number increases by about 35k per month according to social blade.

My Favorite video: How to retire in your 30s. His channel is not solely about personal finance though, many of his videos are more aimed towards productivity and generally improving your lifestyle. As a filmmaker, his videos are very well put together for example my favorite video: Simple Steps To Financial Freedom has incredible value for beginners and is extremely entertaining at the same time.

His videos are very well made with attractive illustrations and a nice voice-over. Another video I liked a lot is his video where he explains how Warren Buffet made his first 1 million dollars. The Swedish Investor has k subscribers and grows by 15k subscribers every month according to social blade. In his videos, he reveals how he first started investing after reading rich dad poor dad and it seems he has been obsessed with personal finance ever since. He has videos about his passive income sources, how much he earns from his dividend portfolio, how to get started with investing, and much more.

The video-sharing site is nearly unmatched in the amount of time people spend on it. Some of the best YouTube channels will help you turn your financial life around and create the financial future you deserve! One of my big goals is to reach out to the community on an entirely new level with videos.

I love the engagement and sense of neighborhood you get with YouTube. One of the best features of YouTube is that sense of community, asking questions in comments and leaving your own opinion. YouTubers love to get comments, good or bad, about their videos so feel free to speak your mind! Create your account on TubeBuddy for free to see the features that will help grow your channel!

Martin Dasko, Studenomics. Besides a long-time blogger and side-hustle stud, Martin is also a professional wrestler. How many times a day do you hear that? Videos are conversational and great for the year old trying to figure out how to make personal finance fun. His most popular video are some Killer First Date Ideas.

Seats are limited for the webinar so make sure you reserve yours. Jeff Rose, Good Financial Cents. Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner and a veteran, but the YouTube channel really covers all things financial. Gee Nonterah, Side Hustle Doctor.

Her most popular video, How to Create a Digital Product, has more than 11, views! Stefanie is the voice of millennial personal finance and has appeared on just about every talk show I know. As a New Yorker, she knows how it is to balance money with living in the big city. Nicole, Frugal Chic Life. Nicole is sharing her journey to financial freedom with a focus on beating debt, spending wisely and saving for the future…all while being chic!

As a former equity analyst for institutional firms, investing still has a special place in my heart and my blogs. I love the idea of growing your money and becoming an owner of some of the largest companies on earth. Robert Farrington, The College Investor.

Got student loan debt? If you do, you probably already know about The College Investor blog but you might not have seen the YouTube channel. Robert is an expert in paying off student loan debt and how you can start investing for your future. Also on the channel are some great personal finance tool reviews like his most popular video, a review of Quicken for Mac users.

Tela Holcomb. Tela is creating a full-time income from the stock market. Tela explains investing in plain English and makes the content accessible for anyone. Tela walks you through some of the investing tools she uses including online platforms like TradeKing now Ally Invest. Videos focus on the defeating the lies and myths told by Wall Street that only make you lose money and pay more in fees. Learn how to win the stock market game by playing by your rules with a strategy designed to fit YOUR needs and goals…AND you get to see a guy rock a bowtie!

Tess Wicks, Wander Wealthy. Sorry Tess. I feel like it is a little about investing though because she talks so much about personal development, investing in your well-being. One-in-five dollars you make is likely going to just paying off debt every month. Debt can ruin your life as well as your finances. Money problems are the 1 cause of arguments and divorce among married couples.

In fact, almost half the list in this article is some of the hottest YouTube stars on paying off debt and freeing your financial future! Nick True, Mapped Out Money. Nick is a new YouTube star and could have just as easily been added as one of the fastest growing channels in the next section. His videos are very conversational and will help you prepare your finances to pay off credit cards and set a budget you can keep. Deacon Hayes, Well Kept Wallet. Deacon has a great YouTube channel that mixes face-to-face conversation with some really helpful presentations.

His most popular video, How to Create a Budget in 10 Minutes or Less, has over 17, views and takes less than seven minutes to watch!

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