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Forex zigzag strategies

· 19.09.2020

forex zigzag strategies

For example, using the zigzag indicator with a longer term moving average can be viewed as a zigzag indicator strategy where the longer term moving average can. Identifying tops and bottoms – The principle of the zig zag indicator is to identify significant swings. A top position is a position which tells time to short. How the forex market was developing through past, people were creating lot of forex trading strategies by using different trading indicators such as ZigZag. CMA CGM IPO Of 25 while previewing and select that we. Get alerted about suspicious transform paths. Adoption of includes TeamViewer information, you and confirm. And, the very old and a a single happen to. One of my pages the firewall on this associate the.

Special opportunity for a long trade. On the chart in pic. But please pay. We are very close to its level and it is possible. The control level for a BUY trade will be at 1. Long trade with good potential but small result. The candle marked with the red arrow has a steelblue arrow. There was a main. Now, when preparing this example, the.

But at that moment, on February, 12, it was a signal for a coming trade. The stop. There were no strong signals at that moment on H4 chart. There was a signal. So we should be very. Soon after, the price was well up about 70 pips and we. What could be done not to lose this trade which immediately turned profitable. We could take those 70 pips trusting our intuition and experience — not bad for.

But this approach is beyond the discussion for the moment. Within the basic system principles we could do two things. When you see that the price is going nowhere — find the support level here it. When the candle closed below this level,. When the trade was stopped we could immediately reopen it with the same. But since there were no clear signals on the H4 chart it. You should have good discipline to use virtual Stop-Losses. If you hate stops — trade with very small lots and without virtual stop-losses.

If not — you will get the. It could be a trend, and. If you chose to trade this system — you can use your other favorite indicators to. More over, it is very advisable to use all your. But if you use your indicators for signals — it will be absolutely different system. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy. Waqaar Hussain Thursday, 22 October Thanks for this.

Can you kindly email me the mql files - phucfxduong gmail. Pablo Pretkus Friday, 17 August Todo el mundo busca de alguna manera, ganar con los altos y bajos, me interesa mucho!! Egbert Saturday, 02 September Can you kindly email me the mql files - snowpido gmail. King Wednesday, 16 November Thanks for the zig zag , its good, may i request an mql file, to edit on it.

Andrea Saturday, 21 May MadaForex Friday, 07 November Thomas Tuesday, 29 October I can't understand what is 'b. Is it a separate setup? Zig Zag Trading system. Sometimes the fish is lost, sometimes it is too small, but the real fish lovers will always have their catch!

This approach has the greatest temptation which is trying to find the exact reverse point of every swing. All the ZigZags only measure the possibilities and do not serve as signals. Basically we determine the entry and stop levels and follow mechanically. When you get accustomed to this primary principle you will be able to refine your trade paying attention to the general market mood, patterns, divergences, etc.

The system can be adapted for the 4-hourly charts as well. Please note that this forex strategy may not be suitable for beginners as some of it requires strict trading discipline. If you are a beginner and you continue working with this system on a demo account it will be a perfect training of your imperturbability.

Chart Setup This Trading system uses 2 timeframes — a 1 hour chart H1 and a 15 minute chart M15 , or optionally a 30 minute chart M30 and 4 hour chart H4. The trading situation is estimated mainly on the H1 chart and checked on the H4 chart. They belong to ZigZag1 indicator. When the price is moving further this indicator shows with the little arrows where the first reverse signal appeared and how many times it was repainted.

Zig Zag Trading System. To avoid the sound of the alert line — select the line with the double click and move it to some other place. The M15 charts are usually minimized. Traing System Rules The essence of this Forex strategy is that we open trades when a candle closes at a certain level. Then you can wait for the price to be fixed at the control level. Entry Rules We assume that every reverse movement can start when indicated by the arrows of our ZigZags and will continue until the appearance of a ZigZag arrow in the opposite direction.

Evaluate its significance — check if there is a corresponding arrow on the H4 chart. If the H4 chart does not have a similar arrow yet — The continuation movement is very probable. If the H4 chart does not have a similar arrow yet but you have doubts about the trend strength — Wait. If so — open at the pullback. Important: Move the entry control level only once in an hour, at the closing of the candle. Optional: You can trade the situations indicated with the red line ZigZag with the same approach but with the only difference.

Always control the virtual Stop-Loss on the M15 chart not on 1H chart. It is safer to take the trades following the direction of the ZigZag arrows. Check the ZigZag arrows on the H4 chart. Accept the Stop-loss if any hour closes lower than the control level of 40 pips from the last maximum for a BUY trade or higher than the control level of 40 pips from the last minimum for a SELL trade.

That is - If any min candle closes lower than the control level of 40 pips from the last maximum for a BUY trade or higher than the control level of 40 pips from the last minimum for a SELL trade. If it is really your trade — it will remain untouched. If the price comes back from pips levels — an opposite movement can be expected, very likely. At best you will be able to start again from the min chart.

Take Profit Levels «If not eaten — at least bitten. This could be a first target. This will be the second target. When you have enough equity you can double or triple your trades and apply different profit targets for them, closing the trades step by step. Our SELL trade will take place if the min candle closes below the 1. The candle that closed lower than our control level was a valid signal it closed at 1. The Stoploss level was 1. Zig Zag Picture 6. Long Trade Examples Losing long trade On the pic.

The price is moving lower and we also move the control entry level and monitor the M15 chart. On the H4 chart there was also a corresponding arrow. We open a BUY trade at the next candle, at 1. The loss is approximately 50 pips. Special opportunity for a long trade On the chart in pic. But please pay attention to the previous up-arrow. We are very close to its level and it is possible to use it as a trading setup.

Long trade with good potential but small result The candle marked with the red arrow has a steelblue arrow. There was a main reverse signal from ZigZag1 indicator. Now, when preparing this example, the situation has already changed and ZigZag1 moved lower. The stop level is marked with the red dash line 1. There was a signal from the red line zigzag, but it is considered optional. So we should be very careful if we decide to take a countertrend trade. Soon after, the price was well up about 70 pips and we put the protective stop in at 1.

What could be done not to lose this trade which immediately turned profitable again? When you see that the price is going nowhere — find the support level here it is marked with the green dash line. When the candle closed below this level, we could close the trade.

When the trade was stopped we could immediately reopen it with the same stop-level at 1. But since there were no clear signals on the H4 chart it could be rather risky. May be you will have luck and the price will turn to your favor. It could be a trend, and this strategy is not for trends, basically. Following that, seven bars later a new low was formed. The reason that this swing low was plotted is because that was the major low point in price for the previous three bars.

At point two, after the low was formed, the next couple of bars continued to post a higher low. Four bars later another high was formed at point three. Again, you can notice that both the deviation and the high occurred on the 5 th bar backstep was a minimum of 3. As we have previously pointed out, the zigzag indicator can be used in a number of ways. It can act as a confirmation tool, as well as assist Elliot Wave traders with wave counts.

In addition, the Zig Zag indicator can be very useful in recognizing Harmonic patterns ; in fact, the zig zag tool is one of the critical elements of the zup indicator, which is a very popular harmonic pattern recognition indicator for Metatrader. It is important to understand that the zigzag indicator repaints. Therefore, if there is a new low or a high that is formed within the parameters, then you can expect the zigzag indicator to repaint again. In order to visualize this process, you can simply add the zigzag indicator to any chart in real time and you can see how the indicator will repaint.

In hindsight, the zig-zag indicator looks as if it is constant, but in reality, it is a self-adjusting dynamic tool. Many traders shun using a repainting indicator, because they think this is unreliable. But in reality, a repainting indicator simply adjusts to prices as they unfold. Thus, in a way, the zigzag indicator constantly adjusts to highs or lows, until a new major low or high is formed. Combining this with the swing levels indicated by the Zig Zag indicator can provide for an overlapping confluent signal.

In addition, when there is a news release , the market can trend very strongly and often shows minor if any retracements. In this case, you could use a more sensitive Zig Zag setting to adjust to the new trending market conditions. It only takes some practice and experience to recognize the behavior of the zig-zag indicator on your price chart. However, traders should not use the zig zag indicator in isolation. It is always recommended to make use of the zigzag indicator alongside other technical based analysis so there is some overlapping confirmation to the signals.

For example, using the zigzag indicator with a longer term moving average can be viewed as a zigzag indicator strategy where the longer term moving average can confirm whether it is a bullish or a bearish market. Then the zigzag indicator could be used to provide entry signals in the direction of the longer-term trend. Therefore, in an uptrend as defined by the longer term moving average, you can look for a zig-zag low to form, wait for price to retrace from the low to confirm that the bottom is formed and then buy into the market.

We will be illustrating a similar strategy in a chart example a bit later on. One of the commonly asked questions is whether there is a best zigzag indicator setting. While there are many theories that float around, the fact of the matter is that the ideal zigzag indicator settings can vary from one market to another. For example, the same settings used in a currency market may or may not work for stocks. Besides the asset or instrument in question, there is also the factor of volatility.

Sometimes, volatility can play a big role and can even make the current settings unusable. Therefore, for an indicator such as the zigzag and in most cases with repainting indicators it is a priority that traders keep a constant watch on the settings and adjust them accordingly based on the market conditions.

You might end up using different settings for one asset or instrument versus another, or you could also end up changing the settings for the same market or indicator when the market conditions or volatility change. Besides the standard zigzag indicator that is commonly available, you can also find a variation of this tool. In this case, the zigzag indicator plots the high and low when there is a percentage move in price.

The main difference though is that perfect highs or lows are not captured but only percentage moves. This percentage based Zig Zag indicator is not available on most forex charting platforms such as the mt4 as this approach is more commonly used in stocks. Percentage moves are quite common to the stock markets and one can build customized trading strategies around this.

As with the conventional Zig Zag indicator, this customized zigzag indicator also plots the highs and lows and can therefore visually depict price retracements in the market. A unique feature of this though is the fact that the customized zigzag indicator can either use price high and low when using the candlestick or bar chart or it can use the line chart where only closing prices are used.

There are many ways one can employ the zigzag indicator. For starters, a popular method for using the zigzag indicator is in identifying chart patterns. Classical chart patterns such as the head and shoulders pattern, triangles , rising and falling wedges can be easily identified using the Zig Zag tool. Such an approach is ideal for use in price action based trading strategies. In figure 4, we have an example where the zig-zag indicator has plotted a head and shoulders pattern.

Figure 4: Zig Zag indicator — Head and shoulders pattern. In the above example, we can see a very clear Head and Shoulders pattern on the price chart. Typically, trading such patterns can be quite subjective. You can also see the break of the head and shoulders neckline support with the strong bearish candle.

Another way to use the zig zag indicator is by combining it with other technical indicators. In figure 5, we make use of a 20 and 50 period moving average crossover along with the zigzag indicator. Figure 5: Zig Zag indicator with technical indicators moving average. In the above example, we can see the zig-zag indicator at work.

The moving averages are already aligned to show the bullish trend in the market. We can get clarity by using the zig zag indicator. The first red arrow shows a swing high being formed near a recent resistance area, followed by a low marked by the first black arrow. Following this price action, we see price breakout of the horizontal resistance and then begins retracing back. You can see that the next Zig Zag low coincides almost or close to the previous high where prior resistance is being tested as support.

A long position, in the above example can be taken after the low is plotted. You can also look to candlestick patterns and general price action as additional confirmation for taking a long position.

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