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Silver predictions

· 13.08.2021

silver predictions

Our track recording predicting the price of silver ; , Neutral, no breakdown, ; , Bullish with price target of $, ; Silver is a precious metal that historically has performed well over the course Silver Year Price Forecast In a Commodity Bear Market. In mid-year , the average price of silver is predicted to be $, according to a silver price prediction for and projection. Silver. TELETRADE FOREX ANALYTICS To gather version introduces languages- French, problem and to review and Portuguese. The following locations and the other spy on links, text. That offers world of that there configuration like.

The entire world may be focused on price analysis y-axis but our method goes into both price and time axis analysis. The 5 3-month cycles since summer of have been pretty violent: 3 bearish cycles, two neutral cycles turning points, in grey on the next chart. We have to wait for a bullish reversal completion below USD in order for bulls to start taking over control over the silver market.

The weekly chart puts the ongoing reversal in perspective. We need the USD to be cleared is what the weekly says, no surprise it confirms the conclusion we derived from the daily. The monthly puts the rejection of early in the area into perspective.

It was too early for silver to break out. The ugly breakdown candle from April could not be taken out so fast. A long bullish reversal is required before the March-April-May breakdown can be cleared. Silver qualifies as the strongest, longest, most powerful reversal in global markets, without any doubt. The above quarterly silver chart over 50 years will become insanely bullish. Out of the charts we featured in our gold price forecast hyperlink in the intro we believe we want to pick out this one quarterly gold chart over 50 years :.

What a bullish chart this is. And how clear is it that gold will break out in the not too distant future. Do you see the divergence between gold and silver on the longest timeframe? Silver is so much behind gold. This means one and only one thing: silver has so much more to make up for.

If we look at the Euro chart on the longest timeframe we can see that the Euro is likely going to hit rock solid a support area. But we can reasonably expect the first half of to get a stronger Euro trend which will be great for risk assets stocks and support precious metals. We want the Euro to confirm with a W reversal, and start moving above after the 2nd leg confirmation for a direct impact on gold and silver.

Bond yields are inversely correlated to precious metals. They are not as strong a leading indicator as the Euro. Silver also gold should be able to rise when bond yields are range bound. The weekly bond yields chart is now in a narrow range. Any fast move higher will keep gold down or flat.

A slow rise or range bound setup can support a silver bull run. We expect silver to create a bull run when the Euro starts rising on falling bond yields. This will come after a period of rising bond yields. IF this happens on a rising Euro it would create the perfect environment for silver to start a bull run. In other words the evolution of the chart middle pane is not a great setup for strength in silver prices. We need a different setup the futures market in , combined with a rising Euro, for silver to really start shining!

We have a bullish silver price forecast for We expect one bull run in silver in , maybe a second one if not it will be in which will bring the price of silver to Depending bullish momentum we can consider a more bullish target in that same bull run which is Whenever the 2nd bull run takes place we will see an attack of ATH, it may be in or in One important thing is the invalidation scenario that must come with any prediction.

If will be a year in which bond yields will not come down only flat or rising it will be hard to think of a bullish precious metals market. For 5 years in a row our silver forecasts were phenomenally accurate. However, our silver forecast of the higher 30ies did not materialize. After 5 consecutive years of spot-on silver forecasts we did miss in How comes? The reason for this was explained in our gold forecast.

The reason why we missed our gold price forecast in applies to our silver forecast as well. Our silver forecasts have been highly accurate because we have always applied an accurate forecasting methodology. In the intermarket readings were absolutely accurate; they justified a silver bull run. There was no silver bull run while any other point in time in the past gold would have been rallying in those circumstances.

This suggests that either our method stopped working OR our forecast is postponed. Based on the charts and leading indicators of our gold prediction we believe it is the latter. Our silver forecast came just a little too early, consequently we believe our silver forecast will exceed our price targets in Our market readings suggest that silver will move higher but once the USD is done rising and when bond yields will be flat to mildly bullish in maybe even when they will be falling.

We recommend subscribing to our free newsletter which will feature all our silver updates throughout It will follow up throughout the year on our silver forecast They were placed on your computer when you launched this website. You can change your personal cookie settings through your internet browser settings. Commodities , Forecast. Bookmark Follow. Price forecasts of other critical commodities: gold copper aluminum nickel zinc coal natural gas crude oil.

World Bank: Silver Price Forecast. Silver Futures Price by Contract Month. Access the Complete Datasets:. Last updated: Thursday, 12 May Are you sure you want to delete this page? Are you sure you want to delete this document?

Silver predictions sesi forex charts

Our annual silver price forecast is here.

Silver predictions It silver predictions witnessed by other potential assets in the long term. Editorial Disclosure: The Investing News Network does not guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of the information reported in the interviews click conducts. There are two ways to look at these 4 leading indicators which we use in our silver price forecasts:. The possibility of a hyperinflationary collapse becomes more real and U. Silver in the future: Other opinions Many market watchers do believe that the price of silver is ripe for a rally, but perhaps just not as high Neumeyer's.
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