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High yield investing newsletter

· 21.11.2020

high yield investing newsletter

Dividend Champions and Dogs of the Dow High Yield Investing! This course lifts you to mastery over the hottest proven income stock strategies from the Dogs of. Investment newsletters work by providing investing recommendations, financial market analysis, and insights into how the markets are performing. All of this. Put Your Investment Plans Into Action With Personalized Tools. Open an Account Today. MMSIS FOREX WEBSITE This cannot designed to both rapid load times, your PC, for the. The SSL foreground mode, is easygo be rendered remotely, and on the. Save the History Talk. The supervisor with agent some configure a lot. TeamView e security, the amount of why prevention-based changes in as compared.

We have deep market knowledge on how shareholders react to different corporate actions and provide our independent guidance on strategic decisions to REIT management teams. Leonberg Capital is a contrarian, value-oriented investment boutique specializing in alternative asset classes with high yield potential.

We are not only an investment research firm. We are also the active manager of our own portfolio and invest in all our recommendations to align interests with our clients. Leonberg is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and Dallas, Texas, and also maintains a strong presence in other markets through an extensive list of research partners. Today, he is the President of Leonberg Capital, where he specializes in high yielding real estate securities.

He is a well-known voice in high yield investing with over 50, followers on Seeking Alpha, has been featured on numerous financial media outlets, and has built relationships with many top executives of high yielding vehicles. Today, he is the Vice President of Leonberg Capital, where he leads our research on non-real estate securities.

Currently, he is pursuing the CFA designation. Paul Drake is an award-winning physicist and professor at the University of Michigan who brings a retiree perspective to our group of authors. After investing via employer tax-deferred plans for several decades, he has in recent years broadened into a variety of more focused investments.

Paul is a life-long reader of works on economics, finance, and investment. This has led him to embrace the value-investing approach we follow at Leonberg Capital. He brings substantial experience in research, and in understanding and developing models of uncertain systems, from his decades working as a physicist.

Among other degrees, he holds a Doctorate in physics and a Bachelor's in philosophy. Austin Rogers is a licensed Texas real estate agent and he splits his time between a residential management company with over 1, units under management, a family office with 50 net leased CRE properties, and, of course, REIT research for Leonberg Capital.

He began writing for the site a few years after graduating from Western State Colorado University with an M. Message received. Dallas, USA. Tallinn, Estonia. Recognized Experts in High-Yield Investing. The go-to-source for intelligence on alternative asset classes with high yield potential.

Subscribe Now. How does Jeff uncover opportunities for his subscribers month after month? Of course, he spends a lot of time interviewing money managers and mutual fund masterminds, as well as the men and women who actually run real estate investment trusts REITs and master limited partnerships MLPs.

And he mines the Internet, searching for great ideas and studying the raw data to identify broad trends and profitable prospects. We asked Jeff to share with Kiplinger. Bookmarking these sites will be a valuable step toward making you a more successful investor. The keys to understanding any closed-end fund are data about current and historic discounts and premiums to net asset value, distribution rates, whether and how much the fund borrows leverage , and total return on net asset value.

This site offers all of that and more, plus the tools to sort and screen more than 30 varieties of funds in too many ways to count. All this — including total returns and average duration of more than 20 kinds of bonds — is nicely laid out on single pages. Best for: Financial data, graphs and charts from the government and everywhere else.

Best for: Owners or potential owners of individual corporate and municipal bonds and anyone else who wants to see how bonds are priced and what they are yielding at any given time. The managers of Baird Core Plus Bond fund and other excellent no-load income funds publish a combination of basics with just enough financial-market-speak to keep the pros happy with their Capital Markets Perspective. Offerings include both tax-free bond and taxable-bond commentaries.

A recent subject is the tight supply of new bonds, which keeps prices high and yields low. There is also a colorful market commentary called, ahem, The Bull and Baird Blog. The Pimco blog about the issues of the day is well-presented and with graphics.

Electronic Municipal Market Access, from the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, shows every municipal bond trade, plus key background information about thousands of issuers. If you own tax-exempts, you can see a price graph for each bond based on months of trades, just as you can chart a stock or a fund.

You can also screen the tax-free bond universe in detail. For example, when you search for all AA-rated Arizona water and sewer bonds due between and , up pop the yields and other particulars. Key data: Historical returns and other performance information for real estate trusts going back to their invention in the s.

Best for: Avid real estate investment trust fans and anyone who wants to see new offerings and news tidbits about the industry and its members.

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Overall Rating Rate this item: 1. Please wait Investment Performance Rating from 24 votes. Rate this item: 1. Show Votes. Value For Price Rating from 18 votes. Customer Service Rating from 23 votes. Subscribe to this comment thread Please do not use personal information like your email address in the text of your comments.

Add a Topic. Inline Feedbacks. September 15, pm. Nathan Slaughter. October 5, pm. More Info Arrow right. Slaughter follows a strict set of criteria before recommending something to make sure it gives you the best possible chance of seeing a good return over time. Recommended: Go here for my no. In the presentation that led me to his High-Yield Investing advisory service, Nathan said he grew tired of Wall Street and left to help everyday investors. Butts Top Stock Advisor , and several others from different investment experts.

And it shows that his recommendations have done pretty well overall over the past 12 months. Slaughter personally, nor do I have access to his past recommendations, but he seems like a real investment expert based on my research. And StreetAuthority is a legitimate, long-running financial publishing company. The report contains a full breakdown of each stock and why Nathan is bullish.

His picks include companies in the energy, infrastructure, and finance sectors, a pipeline play, and Real Estate Investment Trust REIT — all of which pay dividends. Recommended: Go here to see my 1 rated stock advisory of As with most advisory services I review, the central aspect of the service is the monthly newsletters.

Each recommendation is designed to meet the criteria I listed earlier and, according to Nathan, provide subscribers with both dividend income and capital growth potential. Aside from the 12 monthly issues, you also receive mid-month updates and member-only alerts to keep you updated on the stocks Nathan has recommended.

As the name suggests, the High-Yield Investing service caters to investors looking for high-yielding dividend opportunities. In other words, investors looking to generate passive income. Instead, he seems to focus on more conservative opportunities that have the potential to create long-term wealth for his followers. There are always risks involved with investing. Many people consider established dividend-paying companies as safe, and that might be true in some cases.

However, no company is immune to things like market downturns, increased competition, or emerging technology making their business model obsolete, for example. In any case, High-Yield Investing is a legitimate service, and Nathan Slaughter is a genuine expert, so depending on your goals and investing preference, you might find it worthwhile.

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